The village Pomonte is in the South-West of Elba, between impressive sea cliffs and cute little inlets, surrounded by luxuriant Mediterranean scrub, on the slopes of the highest mountain of the island, Mount Capanne.
Just ten minutes driving from major places but still living in a perfect peaceful and restful atmosphere, Pomonte is well supplied with all the necessary services for a relaxing holiday : post office, bank (with cash point), emergency room / doctor on duty, bakery, newsagent, 2 small supermarkets, tobacco shop, bars, restaurant, public playpens and free parking spots.

Just one kilometre towards north from Pomonte there is another village on the coast : Chessi. Running on a cliff overlooking the sea, the street connecting the two villages is perfectly illuminated during the night, which allows amazing walk either at sunset or at night enjoying the sea sight.

The gorgeous beach known as Fetovaia is just 5 minutes driving south; probably the most beautiful beach of Elba, set in a wonderful creek skirted by lush pine trees almost touching the water.

Either for expert trekkers or for nature lovers, it's possible to have great long walks, either on cliff paths along the cost or going to the inland, towards the mountains. From Pomonte start a lot of different paths, perfectly signposted, leading to the top of the mountains.

foto: © Federico Caprilli