Villa Mare is in Pomonte, Marciana sull'Isola d'Elba (LI) the address is : Via del Maestrale, 8.

Portoferraio is the main seaport of the island and also the easiest to get to Pomonte. Villa Mare is on the South-West coast of the island. Once quitted the harbour of Portoferraio you need to follow indications towards PROCCHIO, MARCIANA e MARINA DI CAMPO passing through some hills which gift us some breathtaking sights. Past PROCCHIO you can get two possibilities :

the first is to go on towards MARCIANA MARINA, then MARCIANA ALTA and SANT'ANDREA along the north-west coast, up to Pomonte (around 40 minutes);

the second option is to cross the island to reach MARINA DI CAMPO, then proceeding along the south coast up to Pomonte (30 minutes) coming across the famous beaches Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia.

It is possible to make reservation for the Ferry Boat directly online.

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foto: © Federico Caprilli