Three beaches are the closest to Pomonte.

L'Ogliera is reachable from the main street along the coast, walking on a short path in the scrub, but also from the seafront in the village, passing though a short stretch through the sea water (less than 1 m. deep).
Il Quartiere is 300 m. far from Villa Mare; here it's possible to rent beach umbrellas and chairs or to hire small boats and sea-scooters. Just around 50 m. from the beach lies a hulk of a merchant ship dipped in the seventies and almost surfacing, that's obviously a destination of either professional or amateurs divers. Le Scalette is 30 m. far from Villa Mare and it's also the closest one to the centre of the village.

Around Pomonte there are also nice rocks and reef spots, like Cala Maestrale, a beautiful inlet very close to Villa Mare, and Il Calello, where one time the ships were freighted with granite from the mountains or wine produced in local vineyards.

Besides these spots which are the closest to the village and the easiest to reach, not so far there are a few wonderful nooks and creeks with lovely isolated beaches, reachable swimming or navigating or through some paths in the scrub from the coastline street.

foto: © Federico Caprilli